Sunday, November 25, 2012

Second Best Ride Ever

Riding me. After.

Best Ride Ever

I could watch Emily do this all day, mesmerized by how far she can rise above him and still keep his cock insider her and by her reaction to feeling him deep inside her.


Look, his cock is already inside her yet he's still long enough that she can wrap her hand around his shaft and there's still more at the other end.

She's not doing this with her sissy husband, his little clit fits nicely in the palm of her hand.

Best Friends


At first he will beg her not to, but soon, he'll be begging her not to stop.


Sissies who cannot behave when their wives are out on dates cannot be left home alone.

Yea, I totally identify


She agreed to wear the outfit I bought for her, but insisted I was going to pay a price.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cock Training

Like a dog being trained to the lease, a sissy training to suck cock has to learn to instantly obey her master's commands.

Here, when master says, "hold," sissy immediately stops what's she doing and holds master's cock in place. It's a useful command when he feels he is about to cum but wants to delay. It's also good for showing how well trained sissy is.

Where do I enlist?

Source | Nylon Dreams


You don't need industrial strength bondage equipment to tame your sissy, sometimes just an old pair of nylons will do.

Friday, November 23, 2012


When a man wants to cum he throws his woman over a table and fucks her silly.

When a sissy wants to cum, she begs mistress to unlock the chastity cage and let her squirt.

I do a lot of begging.

The nylon covered female foot

A sight that drives a million sissies into a frenzy.

Wedding Bliss

She's excited for what's going to happen tonight, though her groom, locked all snug and tight in his chastity cage, might have different feelings.