Friday, November 16, 2012

Typos Are Not Tolerated

Your wife's boss had a simple rule, one smack for every typo she made, a rule he instituted a year ago. There's been little improvement in her typing, she averages twenty five a day, almost like she wants him to punish her.

Almost like she knows he gets erect when he spanks her.

Almost like she likes the feel of his cock pressing against her leg...or her crotch.

Almost like she loves his special spankings, the ones he gives her on Friday evenings after the rest of the office has gone home. The special spankings that take more time because between each blow, his hand snakes between her legs and touches her and teases her.

The special spankings that continue as he pushes inside her, a mixture of pain from her red ass and pleasure from her burning pussy.

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